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2014 IGF - Urban Liaison full pg WEBVisit us at the Idaho Green Fest to pick up your FREE samples of our new product called, Vermi-Char! It’s worm poop, mixed with a special kind of bio-char which is inoculated with an abundance of life to kick start all your garden and plant needs. Read the reviews we are getting and come on down to the Idaho Green Fest Saturday, April 19th 4-10 pm. Hope to see you there!


Freer Organics Vermi-Char reviews;


“We’ve got Radishes with bulbs the size of dimes in two weeks
Carrots three in. high with the sec. set of leaves ~ or I should say the top is forming
White Russian Turnips starting to put there third set of leaves
Red Beets about three in. high with there third set of leaves
Red Russian Kale came up in two days ~ another I have never seen before
Tomato’s have put on there first set of true leave
all the hanging baskets for mothers day have germinated ~ finally wasn’t afraid to weed them anyway . . .
we had Cabbage come up in three days ~ never have I seen that one
Everything is going fantastic, thanks so much for the stuff!”
“I’ve had gardens sense I was probably 10 years old , I’m now 54 years old and have never seen seeds come up out of the ground in two days ~ look at this ~ 
Radishes ~ 2 days out of the ground
WhiteTurnips ~ 3 days out of the ground
yellow Beets ~ 4 days out of the ground
Red Beets ~ 4 days out of the ground
Bib Lettuce ~ 4 days out of the ground
Simply amazing!”


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Spring is the perfect time to start your worm composting bins now!

Local worms Now available for pick up or delivery.

Call Us TODAY at 208-860-8067 or email us at for more info!

“Ahh Spring”! Warmer Days are Coming!

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Colorful_spring_gardenWe are a small business with a BIG demand. Do not wait another moment to sign-up for our Spring Fertilizing Packages! We don’t just educate, we also care.  All products are produced locally and are 100% Certified Organic. Freer Organics is still THE ONLY organic landscape and lawn company that keeps it all LOCAL. Producing, ordering, and buying anything we can locally. Keeping the money in our area is the best thing we all can do to help build a sustaining local economy.