Freer Organics is in engaged in vermicomposting production and organic tea extracts for fertilization in the state of Idaho. The Freer’s have a strong passion to do what it takes to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste in our community and beyond. . Not changing the world, but creating a world that doesn’t need protecting!

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Bokashi Waste Recycling


Balanced Treatment Approach

Freer Organics is committed to a micro approach which tailors fertilizer applications to each of our customer’s soil and plant needs. We perform soil tests before beginning services to determine exactly what your soil does and does not need. We apply only what is needed to maintain a healthy life balance for your soil.

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Freer Organics



With every compost tea extract application we feed your trees and shrubs with a foliar spray. Our liquid compost tea extract carries an abundance of beneficial bacterial and fungal micro-life ready to do their job as soon as they are applied to your soil and plants.

TREE ROOT INJECTIONS AND SOIL ROOT DRENCH to fertilize the roots at several points around the root.

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Vermicompost production, delivery, & sales. Wholesale only

  • 1 cubic yard or more. 1-3 cubic yards $550.00 each
  • 3-5 cubic yards $500.00 each

Nourished by Nature EM-1 liquid soil amendment & Fertilizers

  • Wholesale orders only. 55 gallon barrel $750.00 each
  • 250 gallon totes $3200.00

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