Fall Fertilizing Treatments Are Important for Turf Health

September 10, 2014 in Articles

Hoping for lush green lawn this Spring?

Freer Organics can prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead. Fertilizing in Fall will pay dividends come spring and allow you to enjoy a lusher, greener lawn when temperatures rise again.

Providing nutrients and food to your lawn before cold weather strikes is a good way to strengthen roots and store nutrients for an earlier spring green. While the top growth of grass stops, grass plant roots are storing nutrients and energy for the following season.

Leave on grassAeration is the process of removing plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. This encourages deep grass rooting,  improves water and nutrient penetration, and promotes the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms.  Applying a drought tolerant grass seed after aeration can be extremely beneficial to crowding out future weeds, controlling grubs and insects, discouraging fungal growth, and saving water.

The application of liquid “worm” tea from worm castings and a sprinkle of Freer Organics worm compost mixed with inoculated living bio-char will stimulate healthy root growth and add life to the soil. Fall can be the perfect time to bring your soils alive with  many of our beneficial living compost tea recipes, whether it be a sick tree, shrub, a unhealthy lawn, or poor soil, we can help, and now is the time!

Don’t be fooled into raking up ALL your leaves this season! That’s right, take a break!

Our field studies have shown us that by mulching  grass and leaf clippings at no more than 2 inches deep across your lawn improves the soil health in turf grasses. Not only that, it is like adding the perfect C:N (Carbon to Nitrogen) ratio of organic matter needed to feed your turf grasses and improve soil micro-organisms naturally throughout the winter and into spring.

The perfect lawn and a healthy landscape next Spring starts with Freer Organics this Fall!

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I just started my new worm bin. How long till I can harvest my worm castings for my garden?

August 30, 2014 in FAQ, Vermiculture

Wait 2-3 months in solid bottom containers. If you have a system that drops the castings into the bottom, you may harvest as they drop.

What foods could harm my worms?

August 30, 2014 in FAQ, Vermiculture

Meats, fats, citrus, oils, peppers, and onions.  Best to keep these items off the worm menu.